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Looking to buy a home in one of Florida’s prime beach neighborhoods, but can’t decide which one? Well, here's some information to help you! 

This month we will be highlighting different beaches in the area, so that you can find the perfect beach neighborhood for you!

Highland Beach

The last beach town that will be highlighted this month is Highland Beach. Highland Beach is a quaint town in the southernmost part of Palm Beach, Florida. The entire town is only 1.1 square miles, but it is still home to over 4,000 year round residents. In the winter, the town doubles in residency, growing to nearly 8,500 people. Majority of the people who live in Highland Beach in the winter list a northern home as their officially residency, proving that the town is fantastic for anyone who is ready to get away from the cold hustle and bustle of a Northern winter.

Who Lives Here?

Highland Beach is a small and quiet town that makes a perfect home for retirees who are looking for a slower way of life. Residents are composed of approximately 80% retirees and 20% who are employed in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Things to Do

To coincide with the stress free lifestyle that many Highland Beach residents enjoy, the town built a brand new library for their residents.  The new library is 10 times the size of the old one, and includes everything from the latest reading materials for a day at the beach to DVDs that you can rent for a rainy day in.

The library also features a reading rotunda with comfortable leather chairs, and two screened in porches that look out to the intercostal waterway.

The town is a small one, so outside of the beautiful beaches and the state of the art library, there is not a lot of activities in the town itself. Just outside of town though, there is a beautiful place called Patch Reef Park. 

Patch Reef Park is a 55-acre park and recreational facility that is perfect for people of all ages. The park features tennis courts, athletic fields, a playground, a fitness trail, picnic pavilions and a community center.

The community center holds special events and classes for children and adults a like. From dance classes to bridge, there is something for all ages. Click here to see the newsletter of all events happening from September to December of 2015!

Buy A Home

If you would like to join in on living in this beachfront oasis, then click here to check out some of the houses that we have available for you! Hopefully we can help you find your dream home in paradise.