New Construction St Lucie County

Not every builder lists their new construction homes in the Realtor MLS.  Call Gale for the updates on all the new construction homes St Lucie County including Gale's list of recommended favorites.

As an independent agent, Gale Lehner will represent your interests and advocate on your behalf.  When shopping for new construction, it is extremely important to hire your own real estate agent.  There is a lot Gale Lehner can do when you build your new home.

Gale Lehner is there to advocate in your best interest. Gale Lehner will make sure your get what you need in the new home and always has your best interests in mind. 

Gale Lehner will also help with contract negotiations and navigate on your behalf if any issues come up.

Not all builders are the same. Every builder has their style, both in terms of construction and communication during the new construction process. To make sure you’re satisfied, Gale Lehner will help find a builder whose style and work preferences match your own.

Gale Lehner will help you create your dream home with the correct amount of upgrades so you do not over improve your home for resale. When each upgrade is viewed separately, the upgrade may not seem to cost very much, but, when added together, it’s easy to over-improve your property.

Finally, as the buyer, you do not have to pay Gale Lehner anything to use her as your representative in a new construction transaction. The builder is the one who will foot the bill. Most builders view paying a buyer's agent fee as a cost of doing business. Also, in nearly all cases the builder will not give you a discount for going without an agent. 

New Construction St Lucie County In MLS